It's that time of year at last. Autumn has arrived in Island Pond, hooray! IPHS Vice President Craig A. Goulet, Trustee James H. O'Gorman, and the president Sharon J. Biron combined their artistic talents to ensure the Fall display looked spectacular! 

Peep through the glass double doors of the Island Pond Historical Society museum and you'll be in for a treat! At first glance, it seems an entire family have taken up residence! There's mom, dad, and their 4 little girls together with bales of hay, mugs of cider, pitch forks, and dozens of Maple leaves!

Creating the display in such a narrow space was quite a squeeze. Previous displays have included railroad memorabilia, but this is the first time that a display featuring six people has been attempted. We think the display looks great and hope you enjoy it too! The center piece of this Autumn display is a beautiful painting of silver trees with dappled golden yellow leaves created by Francis Sheehy of Derby.


Francis painted this piece while in the US Army. He donated it to the IPHS just last week, and we think this painting is stunning, it also has a very handsome antique wooden frame. Thank you so much Francis Sheehy!

The leaves are all changing color here in the northeast kingdom, and though corona 19 has closed the museum our series of historical displays enable passersby to get a taste of life here in times gone by.

Next month, October, the display will focus on the history of Logging but, for now, enjoy this Autumn exhibition, admire the corn people decorations, and remember those happier less complicated times of yesteryear! Please also consider becoming a member!  

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