September has arrived and it's time to go touring!

Autumn is a wonderful time for visitors to Island Pond. Leaves are turning red, it's all hands to the pump in the Sweet Tree maple syrup plant, and we're so pleased to greet visitors to the historical society museum. A very special young gentleman dropped in recently, his name is Eric S. Dufour and he is an IPHS Goodwill Ambassador. With Eric was his brother Christian. You can see them both in these photos touring the museum and posing next to the amazing framed statue of St. Anthony which Eric presented to the museum in 2020.

It wasn't all play for Eric, he worked hard while here! We had a special job for him, unveiling the brand new and beautifully designed IPHS Memorial Honor Roll. Attending the ceremony were Tim O'Bar, owner of Home and Hearth Country Store, Tim's husband Mike Strait, chairman of Brighton select board, IPHS Trustee and Memorial Chairman James H. O'Gorman who designed the Memorial Honor Roll, and Sharon Biron, president of the Island Pond Historical Society.

Eric has also been busy visiting friends including Ray Joseph who is now out of hospital and safely convalescing in Newport Health center. Ray has a nasty fall in Island Pond, fracturing his right wrist and hip. These photos - showing Ray the day after he was admitted to hospital, prove just what a cheerful and positive fellow Ray is. Get Well soon Ray we miss you! Also visiting the museum this September was Col. David McDaniels (Rtd US Airforce) and his daughter Julia and her airforce husband Ralph. David is a descendent of Enos Bishop, one of the earliest settlers!

Don't forget to watch the video and read the Alex Cabana story at the bottom!

When the leaves begin to turn red our thoughts turn to the open road - the road from Island Pond to Norton where we found this little red railroad shack - and on around to Colebrook and down to Stratford Hollow where old Mapleton railroad station used to be. It was also the scene of a tragic accident in the late 1800's.

Do you remember the tragic tale of Alex Cabana, the Grand Trunk engineer? And do you know what the little railroad building at Norton is? I've mistakenly called it a Section Shanty but I'd love to know what this building was really used for so get in touch!  

Join us on this little jaunt and watch this video below, it's sure to trigger a few memories especially if you love trains or were fortunate enough to have worked on them!


ALEX CABANA for newsletter .jpeg
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IMG_6110 (2).JPG
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IMG_5955 (2).JPG
eric unveiling scan.png
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So it's Goodbye for now from Sharon, Eric, and Christian.

If you can provide any information on Enos Bishop we'll send it on to Col. McDaniels for you. And if you're able to identify the little red wooden shack at Norton please get in touch!

Come back to the Island Pond Historical Society website soon for the October updates!