November 2020

Welcome to November!

The weather here in Island Pond has turned colder. There has been just enough frost to put a nip in the air. The snow flurries have been quite something! These first signs of winter have inspired the historical society's window display. It features a family surrounded by skis and Fir trees and heaps of fluffy white snow. The work of arranging the children and getting them fixed onto the toboggan with invisible wire so they wouldn't fall off took a lot of practice.











The cooler temperatures also make for perfect hiking weather. On a gentle walk with the dogs we came across an ice covered brook at Unknown Pond Trail which lies just past the Sweet Tree building on the road to Norton. Tiny red berries and still verdant foliage lined the bank as these photographs show. The forest was alive with the sounds of gently bubbling water and melting ice while hundreds of tiny birds chirped excitedly all around us. 






This has been another wonderful month for the historical society. IPHS Goodwill Ambassador Eric S. Dufour is sponsoring the IPHS greetings card project. Your greetings card will arrive at the end of this month. Eric's generosity and community spirit will enable us to keep in touch with you and every single member this Thanksgiving. Eric and the vice president and I understand how imperative it is that we all keep in contact. The IPHS is a family, not just a historical society.  And we stick tight though thick and thin. Times may be hard due to Covid-19, and reassurance is always needed, especially for our more elderly members. They need to know that we're thinking of each other not only at Thanksgiving but all year through. Pictured is Eric's mother, the late Geraldine Powers Dufour. Seen (first) in the photo on the right is Geraldine with her friends Aileen O'Dowd, Bella Langlois, Arthur (Tut) Fortin, Pauline Roberts, and Robert Basil. Many will remember Gerrie for her own wonderful community work in Island Pond including arranging the St. Mary's Academy banquets. Gerrie's kind son, Eric, is following in her footsteps. How many names can you recognize in Gerrie's school photo? Their names can be found on this list!





Several exciting historical donations have come in and are now safely housed in the society's museum. Among the relics were a 1950 Brighton High School Year Book given by Morris McKenney - who sends his warmest wishes to all his fellow IPHS members and his friends in Island Pond. Morris and Mrs. McKenney are safely tucked up at their sunshine home in Florida. A much loved baseball bat, ball, and pair of mitts once worn by Charles Romi Goulet were donated by his daughter, Vanessa Goulet. Charles and Morris really loved sport!





Congratulations are due to our English members over the Pond at Nettleham in the county of Lincolnshire where the late Charles F. Maw was born in 1883. They have produced the October issue of their magazine, Nettleham Matters. Sally mailed us a copy, it makes for excellent and informative reading! Packed with exciting stories and colorful photographs this issue of the magazine gave us a unique insight into the lives of Nettleham's residents.


In these photographs you can see the funeral cortege of Joe Siddall, former vice chairman of Nettleham Parish council. Unable to attend his funeral service at All Saints church, due to Covid-19 restrictions, locals lined the streets and paid their respects for his many years of good public service by applauding as his cortege passed by. Pictured second from the right is Doug Bradley - husband of our 'Man on the Ground' Sally Bradley whom IPHS Memorial Chairman & Trustee James H. O'Gorman and I met on our brief visit to All Saints church in August. Being able to tour All Saints and meet Sally and her fellow docent Julie was a wonderful surprise, finding the church open was a bonus after our long and anxious flight from Boston's Logan airport. Sadly, today, November 1st, a month long nationwide lockdown was announced in the UK with a ban on all travel OUT of the country until December 2nd.  


Sally is featured on page 8 of Nettleham Matters in the article on the forest maintenance of Vicar's Wood. Just look at those bright red berries! So like our own here in Island Pond. What would the onset of winter look like without the splendor of these crimson orbs to cheer us up I wonder? On page 12 I was interested to read Angela White's article on Nettleham's medieval earthworks, and on page 15 looking every inch the professional cricketer is Julie's grandson, Jack. Hooray! Besides its' own cricket club, Nettleham also has a Bowling team. The future right now for international travel is uncertain but wouldn't it be great if Island Pond and Nettleham could get a few matches going one day? In the 1920's, Brighton Selectman Charles F. Maw loved sport too. He was involved with the construction of the YMCA's tennis courts. Later, after the YMCA in the center of Island Pond burned down in a terrible fire that took two lives, Charles (seen on the right) was given the sad task of organizing the clean up operation.

Also of interest from Troika's of Nettleham are these four packs of attractive Christmas cards. Were such cards ever produced for Island Pond? If not, creating some would make for a wonderful project and their sale could raise much needed funds. Finally, on the issue of Charles F. Maw whose parents Hannah and David Maw owned The Laundry at 17 The Crescent in Nettleham, which is now owned by Joyce & Alan Bratley, Sally and her friend Pearl who runs the Nettleham Heritage Association have discovered that a local school has on display an old bar of Port Sunlight soap, produced by the same company that presented Hannah Maw with her Port Sunlight certificate of 'Best Washerwoman' dated 1st July 1896. Sally and Pearl have joined forces with the school to put on a historical display featuring a photocopy of the certificate and the bar of washing soap, what a smart idea! 


All members join in wishing Linda and Craig a very Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary. Theirs is a long and happy marriage, and we wish them many more years of wedded bliss. 


Best Wishes for a very speedy recovery are winging their way to Don Roy Gonyaw, the father of Brighton Town Clerk, Teresa. Don, who is in his early seventies, was struck by a stroke two weeks ago and is recovering nicely at Mt. Ascutney therapy rehabilitation center.


We all join in extending our Sincere Sympathies to Bob & Heidi, owners of Hobo restaurant, on the sad loss of their son Robbie who recently passed away.

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