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Island Pond Historical Society, Inc.

PO Box 408

Island Pond, Vermont 05846-0408

Mail to: Island Pond Historical Society, PO Box 408, Island Pond, VT 05846-0408






Memberships:         $8.00 Annually         $15.00 Contributing          $24.99 Life Member*    (circle one)

Husband and wife may jointly share all memberships.


Mail Your Renewal Today!

Special Notice:

It would be kind of you to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with you application, thank you.

*Life memberships include automatic listing on Memorial Roll of Honor for individuals and/or both parties of shared life membership. Others may be listed on the Memorial for a donation of $50.00 per person.

Please place Memorial Roll information on a separate sheet of paper marked for the attention of the IPHS Memorial Chairman & Trustee Mr. James H. O'Gorman. PO BOX 408. Island Pond. Vermont 05846.

Moved? Changed address? Please remember to let us know at the above po box number, thank you. 

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