May 2021

Spring comes to Island Pond

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Hard to believe winter is finally over, and harder still to believe there was a snow storm here on 1st May. The bright yellow Daffodils that popped their heads up through the snow on 23rd April are now in full bloom, the grass is turning greener with every passing day, and the ice has melted on the lake!

Did you have a peaceful St. George's Day on 23rd April? In times of old people held parties and jousting events to honor this warrior saint, they roasted beef on big spits and toasted each other's health (and his) with pints of ale. Today, we're more likely to have a healthy salad!

Congratulations are in order to IPHS member Ralph Cabana. He and his wife have just welcome a brand new baby grandson! Congratulations are due to Dana Lefebvre, too, he recently retired after more than forty years on the railroad and when he pulled into Island Pond last month on his final trip Dana's family and friends were there - at 1.30am in the morning - to mark the occasion in good style, well done Dana!

Thanks are due to IPHS member Kathy Carpenter, last week she mailed in this wonderful photograph of the late Lt Gov of Vermont George Needham Dale. His wonderful collection of beautifully written stories about people in Island Pond and his friends is still read today, and this photo (above left) will go on display in the historical society museum, thank you so much Kathy! Thanks, too, to the ever lovely Joan Watson, and Tim Meehan, their generosity in donating stamps to the IPHS enables us to keep in touch with members, thank you Joan and Tim.

On a sad note, Island Pond's Urban B. Ruiter passed away near Rutland on 30th April, he was 95, and a WWII vet who did dangerous work as a scout in the Philippines. Urban was a lovely fellow, a real gentleman, and he will be missed by us all. 

We're looking forward to reopening the historical society museum at the end of this month. Entrance will be strictly limited to ten visitors at a time, and a perspex screen has been put around the reception desk area to protect the volunteers.

The forthcoming IPHS newsletter has great stories. Among them will be two from Mac McKenney; an article on Town Reports, and one from this special lady pictured on the left. Can you guess her name? Hint: she owns the Hudson's Trading Post located opposite the Green Mountain church and near the site of the old Chesney Farm where, today, only the barn remains. The property has been sold and the new owner would love to hear from you if you have photos to share of the farmhouse as it was in the old days.


george n dale from kathy carpenter.jpeg

George Needham Dale 

Happy St. George's Day Everyone


Urban Bishop Ruiter

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Another interesting donation to the IPHS this year was this fabulous plate. It was found in an antique store in Florida - so far from home, and many a dinner must have been served on it over the years. 

Costing just $16, and bought by IPHS memorial chairman James H. O'Gorman, there is no telling how many miles along the railroad this Grand Trunk plate traveled.

Inside the museum we do have a matching cup and saucer, so this plate will fit right in, thank you James!