MARCH 2021

Members of the Island Pond Historical Society get around!

Island Ponders have always traveled extensively. This March, IPHS president Sharon Biron and IPHS Memorial Chairman James H. O'Gorman took a trip to Florida where they made surprise visits to two very special IPHS members - Mac McKenney and his wife Theresa of Winter Haven, and Dale Meehan and his wife Jacquelin of Dunnellon.

Mac - real name Morris Lucius McKenney, was born 11 December 1932. His mother was Doris 'Fluffy' Turcott McKenney who was born in Holland, VT., and his father was Cecil Gerald McKenney of Island Pond whose home was on Railroad Street. Mac graduated from Brighton High School and went on to work with Canadian National Rail and IBM. Dale Crawford Meehan was born 1st June 1944, the son of Harold Crawford Meehan of Island Pond, and Ruth Evelyn Gilbert who was born in Charleston. Dale, a graduate of Orleans High School, was presented with the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for Meritorious Action in 1981.

It was great chatting with Mac (pictured in white T-shirt) and Dale (in red T-shirt). We enjoyed catching up on the latest news with Dale, and loved viewing Mac's prize winning wood carvings and hearing more of his - totally unprintable - 'Tales from the Vault'. Both men send their regards to everyone back in Island Pond. And, as you can see, they're both the very picture of health. The weather in Florida suits them, it was warm and sunny every day James and I were there. We visited Box Tower Gardens, went up the Orange Tower in Clermont, and toured the Presidential Hall of Fame not to mention walking our dogs at the lakes in Louisa state park, Clermont.

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Don't they look great! Dale enjoys golfing, Mac cycles and creates detailed wood carvings. The healthy lifestyle in Florida suits them.


Two of Mac's railroading stories and his Nicknames poem will be featured in the Spring issue of the Island Pond Historical Society newsletter. 

Great seeing you Dale and Mac!


Happy March everyone!

Sharon Biron 

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