Conversations with IPHS member Morris McKenney always inspire me to get out and about in Island Pond where the scenery changes daily. I really love this town. It's home. The weather is now changing. The leaves are beginning to turn red, the weather is cooler, mornings are sharper and crisper. And a beautiful red apple has appeared on a tree at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Pleasant Street! The dogs, Dixie the Hound and Ellie the Labrador fancied a drive 'round the State park, so James drove them to the private 'no dogs allowed' beach near where Chief War Eagle once had his camp. Ellie swam while Dixie looked on. The drive continued down Pleasant Street, right onto Derby Street, sharp right along Birch Drive to gaze dreamily at the old Carbonneau dump which might be full of untold treasures, then up to Christian Hill to gaze upon the railroad station. Such a marvelous castellated design. Always reminds me of Brunel's masterpiece the Temple Mead train station in Bristol where I was born. Fog and mist spiraled up from the lake as the sun shone down to warm Island Pond. I predict a hard cold winter. Come with Dixie and Ellie now and have a look at the leaves!

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