4 JULY 2020

Welcome back. The Island Pond Historical Society wishes you and your family and friends a very Happy 4 July.

Though the Island Pond Historical Society remains closed - and parades have been cancelled in Island Pond along with other public events, a huge variety of railroad and logging antiques in the museum can still be seen online!

The historical society is still celebrating 4 July. A new exhibition for the front of the museum was arranged to celebrate 4 July 2020 - it's Betsy Ross sat in her parlor sewing the flag! Passersby can safely view Betsy and other antiques from the museum simply by looking through the glass.

We'll bring you new updates as soon as we have them. The situation with Covid-19 means social distancing, wearing face masks, and other restrictions has made reopening difficult for many institutions and businesses. While the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury has reopened - by altering their interior layout and providing visitors with places to wash their hands before entering the exhibits area, other museums such as those in Burlington - and historical societies, have taken the decision to remain closed for the safety of visitors and volunteer staff. 

The Annual Meeting has been cancelled for this August 2020. What we did in previous years with a buffet, speaker, raffle, and plenty of socializing is no longer possible in the current pandemic.


Meanwhile, click on this video to see Betsy Ross and her trip to the IPHS museum, and enjoy these amazing antique photographs which show Island Pond way back in in July 1915 !

With all best wishes to you and yours, 

IPHS Executive

Happy 4 July everyone!

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