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On December 7th 2019 the Island Pond Historical Society held its first ever Christmas Carol Service.

Father Rijo Johnson officially opened the ceremony at 3pm. Prior to the service IPHS president Sharon J. Biron held a Surprise Awards ceremony. Frank Allard was presented with the IPHS Community Star award. Photographs of the Carol service can be seen on the next page. You may recognize many of the Carolers! 

Other IPHS award recipients were Richard Martin who won 1st prize as Volunteer of the Year and Community Outreach worker of the year. Dayna Martin aged 10 won 2nd prize for Volunteer of the year, and museum volunteer Michelle Wilcox won 3rd prize. Our Guardian Angel members Barbara & Tom Bresse were awarded a Recognition trophy. 


IPHS Memorial Chairperson Jan Clarke received a 25 year Service trophy. The four IPHS Trustees were presented with trophies recognizing their hard work. In these photos trustees Gordon Lefebvre, Mike Clarke, Muriel O'Gorman, and James O'Gorman can be seen. James won the Victory Trophy for designing the IPHS floats that won 1st prize in the town's July 4th parade. 

IPHS Treasurer Mrs. Marilyn W. Maxwell was presented with a Victory Trophy, and IPHS Vice President Craig Goulet won the President's Prize, a newly created acknowledgement in memory of the late Lt. Col Mark C. Biron who was twice president of the IPHS and its long time newsletter editor.


Mark, who died in a tragic accident when his plane crashed coming in to land at John Boylan airport in August 2018, had also servedas the society's secretary, treasurer, archivist, and curator. Along with Steering Group members Frank Allard, Craig Goulet, Mike Clarke, Muriel O'Gorman, Gordon Lefebvre, and wife Sharon Biron, Mark was  instrumental in helping transform the former 'Ted's Market' into the society's museum. 

Other award recipientswere Louella Allard for her assistance to the historical society, and John Davis of South Paris, ME. for his railroad articles and help as a researcher, and author Jeff Holt of Montreal who received recognition for his railroad articles; wise guidance, and for his role as advisor to the IPHS president.

As president of the IPHS I am proud of the executive; our hard working volunteers, and our members. There have been many presidents of the IPHS, together with our executive board we all share a commitment to preserving the Traditions of the Past. Island Pond has a unique history, this town was founded on logging, lumbering, and the Grand Trunk railroad.


Founded in 1967, this historical society has greatly expanded in the past 16 months since the opening of the museum. Outreach programs; family tree research, and live events inside the museum have proved to be exactly what the Northeast Kingdom needs. 

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