Becoming an.....IPHS Goodwill Ambassador or an IPHS Guardian Angel




......."An IPHS Goodwill Ambassador is a special person with strong humanitarian ideals who dedicates themselves to helping others. Goodwill ambassadors deliver goodwill by promoting beneficial ideals and the fellowship aims of this historical organization through personal interaction. A Goodwill Ambassador is an individual who is always engaged in doing good, and is considered a Diplomatic who is in contact with others and whose mission is always to deliver cheer; bring hope, and generate kind deeds on behalf of the elderly and the vulnerable, and to deliver comfort, fellowship, and communication to IPHS members all around the United States and Canada who are lonely and anxious or in need reassurance during unsettled times......"






....."An IPHS Guardian Angel is a special person with a behind the scenes mission to protect, guide, and support the efforts of volunteers who aid a particular group of people such as the elderly or those in residential care. Since ancient times, mankind has believed that Guardian Angels watch over people. IPHS Guardian Angels serve to protect and promote the good workings and beneficial dealings of this historical society, they support the volunteers in their community outreach efforts and visits to care homes, and they make it possible for Sunshine Baskets to be taken to the elderly and those who are unwell in the community of Island Pond....."

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The Island Pond Historical Society was established in 1967 when one of our late president emeriti, John Carbonneau, got together with a group of like minded friends. Their mission was to preserve and protect the history of Brighton and Island Pond, an old railroad and logging town that was carved out of the wilderness of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and first settled in the 1700s. 

Located sixteen miles from the border with Canada, the Island Pond Historical Society has gone from strength to strength. Today it has over 500 members worldwide and publishes a newsletter twice yearly. The society's museum is located on Cross Street in Island Pond where displays can be viewed featuring Masonic and Railroad regalia, Victorian relics, Brighton High School memorabilia, and a host of other antiques which include logging and lumbering tools, WWI and WWII clothing, photographs of Island Pond in times gone by, bank ledgers, and copies of the Essex County Herald.

However, the historical society no longer consists of just a Board, a bi-annual newsletter, an annual meeting with a guest speaker, and a museum with free entry. As the society has grown it has evolved to include a community outreach department that sends IPHS Volunteers to residential care homes so relics from the museum can be shown to the residents. IPHS volunteers also deliver Sunshine Baskets to the elderly and those who are unwell. The society has also enlarged its Memorial department so the final resting places of members' loved ones and ancestors can be cleaned and maintained, and headstone condition reports then supplied to members who can also order wreaths from our large selection of ever lasting floral bouquets. In addition, some of our members are also published authors. Their books are available to the public. 

We take extra pride in the development of our two latest initiatives - the Guardian Angel department which is managed by our treasurer Mrs. Marilyn Maxwell LLHSM, and the Goodwill Ambassador mission division. The first ever IPHS Guardian Angels were Barbara & Tom Bresse. Thanks to their generous annual financial support IPHS volunteers are able to make visits to care homes for show and tells. Interacting with IPHS volunteers and participating in group discussions about the antiques they are shown from the IPHS museum keeps care home residents' minds active and lively.


The first ever IPHS Goodwill Ambassador has just been appointed, he is Eric Stephen Dufour. Thanks to Eric's generous financial support it will be possible for over 500 IPHS members to be contacted, kept in touch with each other, and updated on the latest healthy safety advice this year. The covid-19 crisis is especially worrying for elderly members and those who live alone. As an IPHS Goodwill Ambassador, Eric S. Dufour has made it possible for the IPHS to deliver a cheering and reassuring message of hope to everyone.

"Fellowship is life, and the lack of fellowship is death" wrote the Arts and Craftsman William Morris (1834 - 1896). "...and the deeds that ye do upon the earth, it is for fellowship’s sake that ye do them, and the life that is in it, that shall live on and on for ever, and each one of you part of it, while many a man’s life upon the earth from the earth shall wane. Therefore I bid you not dwell in hell but in heaven, or while ye must, upon earth, which is a part of heaven, and forsooth no foul part. (William Morris in A Dream of John Ball). My role, as president of the Island Pond Historical Society, is one of immense privilege. I recognize that through the auspices of the IPHS which is a most benevolent society indeed, I have been given an opportunity not only to preserve the history of this area, but also the chance to benefit my fellow man. We are all volunteers in this society, unpaid, and dedicated to the preservation of the traditions of this area but more than that, we are all volunteers who have a firm belief in promoting humanitarian values and in this way, we are protecting that friendly association that is the true and genuine fellowship of man. 

If you would like to join the Island Pond Historical Society membership details can be found on this website. 

Sharon J. Biron

IPHS President