To date, May 20th, some parks and businesses have reopened. Outside dining is now allowed for restaurants and cafes. But much of Vermont remains closed.


This affects churches, schools, and museums. Social distancing advice means not having more than 10 people together in the same space.


Sadly, the Island Pond Historical Society museum on Cross Street must also remain closed. Larger museum such as the Shelburne in Burlington have set the lead. They announced their museum will remain closed through summer 2020. When it is safe to do so, the Shelburne will re-open - and so will the IPHS museum. Whether that will be this year or next year isn't yet known. Re-opening depends on advice from the CDC and the State of Vermont.


As to the IPHS annual meeting, a much looked forward to event, it seems at the moment we may not be able to hold it this year due to the restrictions on social gatherings. Ten people in one room - all carefully standing six feet apart, is the current advice. Yet complying with that advice would be difficult, especially as we've always had dozens of visitors, a guest speaker, and a buffet. Right now, it looks as if the IPHS annual meeting may very well have to be cancelled for this year.

Please check back regularly for updates which will be posted here, and displayed on the door of the museum. 



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