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By Ray Dyer & Stephen Dwyer, published 2020

Available now on Amazon



By authors Ray Dyer & Stephen Dwyer

I read a lot books, I'm an author, and I review books for law firms. I was five years old and growing up in Britain in 1968 when the Tet Offensive blew up. It escalated with the Viet Cong attacking a US base. Before long I was dreaming of chopping my way down through dense jungle foliage in a Cobra and worrying about being shot by imaginary bullets. I could hear the bamboo splitting in my mind and dreamed every night that rotors were splintering off my dream chopper.


The war in Viet Nam was splashed all over the tv, it influenced me to train as a chopper pilot when I grew up and ingrained itself into my subconscious. I was left with a desire to read all I could on Viet Nam and, believe me, I thought I'd read almost all of them down the decades until I got hold of this book - REMF - HURRY UP AND WAIT. 

My late husband. Mark. and I cut out teeth on Robert Mason's Chickenhawk, 19 Minutes to Live, and the Hunter Killers. But I'll be darned if I've ever read a book on 'Nam quite like THE REMF which has just been published by American authors Stephen Dwyer and Ray Dyer. Stephen is also a life member of the IPHS along with his wife Jeannine. 

To describe THE REMF as hot, raring to go, and poignant is to short change you. Be warned, dear reader. Ray Dyer fought in 'Nam. His experiences will blaze in through your eye sockets and scratch their way in through your brain to corrode your mind, they'll sear their way into your heart. His recollections - so expertly collated and authored by Stephen Dwyer, get an emotional response. They're gut wrenching, visceral, and jaw clenching.

You'll smell the adrenaline of the barracks and feel the cloying sweat of the jungle dripping down your back, you'll ache with the young Ray Dyer and feel his silent boredom as he awaits his orders to ship out. As you turn one page - and then another, you'll find yourself right back there in that breathtaking moment of suspense when the order is finally given: you'feel like you're shipping out right there alongside Dyer.

"...….There was never much time, there was work on the barracks, uniforms, boots, gear, floors, latrines, and whatever else the cadre could think of. A whole lot of time was spent polishing brass and spit-shining boots. There was talk of girlfriends, school, baseball, and the lack of tv news. Not surprisingly the most important topic was orders for Viet Nam. But nobody knew any new details. They only knew most of them were going to Vietnam. The generals were screaming for more men...…."

The U.S Book Authority is fond of saying: "There are 89 great 'all time' books on Viet Nam." Well, now they can add another because there's a 90th great all time book on Viet Nam and it's this one - THE REMF by Dyer & Dwyer.

The Remf is right up there with the very best books on 'Nam so buy it on Amazon now for 99 cents. It's downloadable to your Kindle. If, like me, you don't have Kindle, it'll download to your computer just the same. If you're not into computers and need a paperback copy then contact Stephen Dwyer through this site and your message will be passed to him. 

Co-authors Ray Dyer & Stephen Dwyer have produced a brilliant book, it's highly readable because it  feels like a soldier's book. It ought to be on every book shelf in the land. REMF - Hurry Up And Wait - is for everyone who has ever really wanted to dig their way in under the skin of Viet Nam to get a genuine 'feel' for it. Click on this link and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Sharon J Biron
IPHS President

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