In the summer newsletter you read how members of your IPHS board – deciding they should get on the road and visit members, dropped in on Dale Meehan and Mac & Theresa McKinney of Florida.

This time around, we visited the historical societies of Colebrook NH and Morgan VT to attend their annual meetings. First was Colebrook Historical Society whose August meeting was held inside the Tillotson center. Guests were shown a Prohibition era movie about Colebrook. We loved the plush cinema seating and saw one or two Ponders there. The movie revealed the town’s oldest secret: that rum runners hid messages for each other inside the tall aluminum headstone in the center of Colebrook cemetery!

Morgan Historical Society, Inc. held their annual meeting 18 August in their museum at the former church building on the corner of Toad Pond Road. The church has its’ original pews and Victorian architecture and a magical ‘yesteryear’ atmosphere. Along with the other visitors we loved the tools and farm equipment, Mason’s regalia, antique toys, clothing, old documents, town reports, store ledgers, schoolbooks, hats, and displays of photos titled Morgan Four Corners.

Effervescent, energetic, and always brimming with charm Morgan historical society president Beverly May greeted guests, including former president David Hockensmith (below right). We met hard working volunteers Jackie Reynolds and Judy Fuller. A retired teacher, Judy (below right) showed us her library of files containing historical information on dozens of Morgan families.  











“More volunteers from Morgan would be great” said Beverly (above left) who showed us the society’s cookbook (on sale at $12.99) and outlined plans for a new shed to house their antique snow roller. “We’ve attracted new members, they love Morgan. Now we want to invite more people to become members so everyone can learn about its’ history. Especially older members with grandchildren. Morgan has a special history. We display as much of it as we can inside our society museum. Morgan’s story is worth preserving.”












We thank Morgan president Beverly May for her gracious hospitality and really enjoyed our visit. Her large selection of Morgan Historical Society membership cards, badges, pencils, and postcards showing tools are great to take home! Contact her for information on the history of Morgan. Better still, help Beverly’s leaking roof repair fund by becoming a member of Morgan Historical Society. Maybe Beverly and her volunteers will share Morgan’s oldest secrets with you! PO BOX 113, Morgan VT 05853 ‘Phone 802 723 5907 Email

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