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     AUGUST 2020

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Welcome back!  Life is slowly - but safely, returning and Island Pond looks spectacular. The pristine waters of the lake are clear and blue, chipmunks and squirrels, the eagles on the lake, and even moose and deer can be seen. The hills really are alive with birds and trees are verdant with dark green foliage. Gardens and window boxes everywhere are looking splendid. Apples are appearing on the trees, raspberries and even blackberries are starting to ripen and be turned into pies. Blueberries are everywhere, tasty and plump! And here and there the odd green leaf is turning golden and red. Does this herald an early Fall and a cold Winter I wonder? 

To celebrate the start of August our hard working Trustee & Memorial Chairman James H. O'Gorman has rotated the display which can be viewed through the double doors of the historical society's museum. July featured Betsy Ross making the flag on a table that also displayed a wonderful Island Pond plate donated by latest members Marty & Bridget Stanners. We are honored to have them. Above are Bridget and Marty modeling the official IPHS badges! This month, James has chosen a railroading display complete with a conductor in full Grand Trunk uniform, beautiful antique railroad lanterns, and many historic photographs: all artfully arranged so that passersby can enjoy the window displays safely!

We think you will agree James has done a very good window job. Right now, he is busily editing the Fall IPHS Newsletter, due to reach you at the end of September/early November. Because the annual meeting was cancelled this year due to the current ongoing health issues affecting the United States, there won't be an article in the newsletter on 'who' our guest speaker was. Last year we were honored to have author and lecturer Howard Coffin, one of the foremost experts on the Civil War. This year the Newsletter will be full of our usual exciting railroad stores and historical recollections as well as special Christmas offers like the IPHS Cookery Book for just $15.

And now here for your interest are some photos of the museum's August window display together with a photograph of James looking very pleased with his efforts!

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