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Our Mission

The Island Pond Historical Society is dedicated to discovering, collecting, and preserving whatever relates to the history of the village of Island Pond and the town of Brighton, Vermont.


Current Officers and Trustees


IPHS President: Sharon J. Biron

IPHS Vice President: Craig A. Goulet

IPHS Treasurer: Marilyn W. Maxwell

IPHS Trustee Emeritus: Gordon Lefebvre

IPHS Trustees: Muriel Maw O’Gorman, Mike Clarke, James H. O'Gorman

IPHS Memorial Chairperson Jan Seguin Clarke

IPHS Museum & Learning Center Curator: Sharon J. Biron

IPHS Newsletter/Website Editor: Sharon J. Biron

IPHS Museum Volunteers: Gordon Lefebvre. James H. O'Gorman. Sharon J. Biron. Richard Martin. Dayna M. Martin. Michelle Wilcox. 

                                                                     IPHS President Emeritus Lt. Col Mark C. Biron (1958-2018) 







IPHS President Emeritus John Carbonneau (1923-2016)


Island Pond Historical Society & Museum 

Location: 126 Cross Street, Island Pond, Vermont 

Non-profit organization

The Island Pond Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Federal EIN number is 23-7029212


Mailing Address

Island Pond Historical Society, PO Box 408, Island Pond, VT 05846