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Who are we? What is our Mission?

The Island Pond Historical Society is dedicated to discovering, collecting, and preserving whatever relates to the history of the village of Island Pond and the town of Brighton, Vermont. Since its founding in 1967 the society has grown its collection of Grand Trunk railroad memorabilia, WWI and WWII uniforms, Victorian clothing, and fraternal artifacts. Logging and lumbering tools; photographs, and antique newspapers are also displayed in the historical society's large open space museum.

From the 1980's to August 2018 the museum was housed in four rooms in the railroad station. Today, the railroad building is home to an investment company and the Community National Bank, and the museum is located at 126 Cross Street in the heart of Island Pond's historic district. We are open Saturdays 11am - 1pm from the end of May through to the first Saturday in October. We accept donations of items directly related to Island Pond; to the people who lived and worked here, and to the industries, businesses, schools, churches, physicians, and fraternal societies who helped develop this town. On this site you can see some of the many wonderful artifacts donated to this IPHS.

Down through the decades the Island Pond Historical Society has put on events and exhibitions relating to logging, lumbering, and the railroad. The society was first to invite vintage car rallies to Island Pond and was involved in the town-wide Rogers' Rangers pageant as well as being the driving force behind the siting of the Alfred Poor railroad marker and the Grand Trunk half-way point stone located in the center of town. The stone was donated by a local family. The society also produces two history-packed newsletters twice a year for members and has an annual meeting with a free buffet and guest speaker for guests to enjoy.


Since the museum's official opening in August 2019 the historical society has developed outreach Show & Tell programs with care homes and schools, local history enthusiasts have received training as museum docents, and our volunteers have put on events including a Carol service and exhibitions with actors depicting the lives of people here in the aftermath of the Civil war. We have also put on local schools, churches, and town businesses exhibitions, and completed the project for the first ever official IPHS badge, designed by Lt. Col Mark C. Biron shortly before his death in 2018. 

The IPHS has developed the Small Museums of the NEK partnership, this initiative was developed by the IPHS to support smaller historical society museums, by including the museums on the IPHS Treasure Trail map quest visitors to the NEK are encouraged to visit all the history society museums of this area. These include Morgan, Canaan, Pittsburg, Memphremagog, and West Charleston. Other initiatives include the compilation of the first ever IPHS cookery book, a history show named Your Kingdom Today which is broadcast on local access television by NEK TV in Newport, VT. the creation of a learning center within the museum where researchers can investigate family trees, two books on events in Island Pond between 1825 and 1960 written by IPHS president Sharon Biron, the creation of the IPHS Guardian Angel program. a book on the history of Saint James the Greater church authored by the late founder and president emeritus John Carbonneau, and two books - about Island Pond's soldiers and the town's bootlegging history, written by the late Lt. Col Mark C. Biron who was twice president of this society and its' long time newsletter editor. Lt. Col Biron was made joint president emeritus in August 2018.

Current IPHS Executive


IPHS President: Sharon J. Biron. IPHS Vice President: Craig A. Goulet

IPHS Treasurer: Marilyn W. Maxwell. IPHS Trustee Emeritus: Gordon Lefebvre

IPHS Trustees: Muriel Maw O’Gorman, Mike Clarke, James H. O'Gorman

IPHS Memorial Chairman, Trustee, Secretary James H. O'Gorman

IPHS Museum & Learning Center Curator: Sharon J. Biron

IPHS Newsletter/Website Editor: Sharon J. Biron

IPHS Museum Volunteers

Gordon Lefebvre. Marilyn W. Maxwell. James H. O'Gorman. Sharon J. Biron. Tim Meehan. Dayna M. Martin. Stephen Morse. Joan Watson. IPHS Goodwill Ambassador Eric S. Dufour. IPHS Aide de Camp Andrew Sawyer. IPHS Guardian Angels Barbara & Tom Bresse. IPHS Benefectoress April Judd Hudson.


 IPHS President Emeritus Lt. Col Mark C. Biron (1958-2018)

   IPHS President Emeritus John Carbonneau (1923-2016)

Island Pond Historical Society & Museum 

Location: 126 Cross Street, Island Pond, Vermont 

Non-profit organization

The Island Pond Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Federal EIN number is 23-7029212


Mailing Address

Island Pond Historical Society, PO Box 408, Island Pond, VT 05846

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